Spectator Policy

No other persons, besides CVFC Coaching Staff, Board Members, Medical Personnel, or Tryout Player, are permitted entry onto the Tryout field of play.
All spectators, including parents/relatives/legal guardians/siblings, may only watch from the stadium.

The Head Coach may be available for questioning after the tryout has been completed, but they do reserve the right not to discuss or disclose their tryout evaluations.

Good Standing Eligibility

As a current CVFC member, in order to be accepted to return to the club, the player and player's family, must be held in 'good standing'.
This includes, but is not limited to, Financial Balance and Record, and Disciplinary Records.

Offer Process

Once the Head Coach submits his recommendation to the CVFC Competitive VP, he\she will determine if the player is eligible for the forthcoming season.  Once the player has passed the eligibility criteria, the Head Coach will call the number you provided at registration, to verbally offer your player a position on a CVFC Competitive Team. 

This will be followed up with an offer email, sent to the email address disclosed at registration.

You will have a 48 hour period from when the offer was made, to accept or reject. Upon choosing to accept, you will be required to pay the registration fee via our website to secure your place. If you are unable to pay the registration fee at that time, your child's offer may be revoked if the roster becomes full.

Why Must I Pay Immediately?
Unfortunately, due to the nature of tryouts and of the volume of clubs to choose from, parents like to hold an offer at multiple clubs. We believe this to be an unfair tactic on the remainder of the committed players at any competitive club. We believe we can provide the environment and development your child desires, and all we ask is that you become committed to the club.


By choosing CVFC as your child's youth soccer club, you are agreeing to participate in an annual training program.

Select competitive programs will vary in months according to your players team.

Membership Agreement

By choosing CVFC Premier as your child's youth soccer club, you understand and agree to pay your yearly fees in one lump payment or on the CVFC payment plan.

If using the CVFC payment plan the payments are due on the 1st of every month. Your account will be considered late by the 10th of every month, and if your account is still in arrears by the 1st of the following month, your player pass will be suspended. This means your child cannot participate in training, games, tournaments or scrimmages until the account is cleared.