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Rec COVID Protocols

NorCal Covid Protocol - UPDATE April 29, 2022

Current NorCal Guidance Re: Covid Exposure

NorCal Guidance – Communication of Potential COVID Exposure at NorCal Games

With the aim of both minimizing the risk of COVID spread in our community and providing as safe of a playing environment as possible at NorCal Premier Soccer games, we ask that all member clubs follow the most recent guidance from CDPH and the local county public health department regarding testing, self-isolation, quarantining and reporting (see links below for CDPH) when discovering a positive COVID case within your club.

If a positive case is discovered within a team that either may have caused exposure to players at a previously played NorCal game or has the potential to cause an exposure at an upcoming NorCal game, the club admin or team manager is expected to communicate this information at the earliest possible opportunity, via email, to the following individuals. This is to enable our soccer community to take the necessary steps to both prevent further exposure and ensure that the relevant testing, self-isolation, quarantining, and reporting processes, as outlined by public health authorities, are followed.

Contact information can be found here – Club Directory

  • Director of Coaching – own club
  • Director of Coaching –  opposition club
  • Team Manager & Coach –  opposition club
  • NorCal Premier Soccer –


COVID Protocols

As an organization, NorCal Premier Soccer will continue to follow, and require NorCal Member Club to follow, the most recent public health guidelines and requirements from CDPH and/or local county public health authorities, in order to ensure player and spectator safety at NorCal Premier Soccer competitions. We are monitoring these guidelines closely and will communicate any significant changes to club leaders, coaches, and managers as and when they occur. Individual clubs may be required to follow local guidelines from their county, city, or facility provider, that NorCal Premier Soccer is not aware of, in order to continue operating within their local community, and we ask that your club proactively communicates with opposition teams to ensure that everyone attending games are aware of what to expect.

If a team is unable to play a game due to COVID exposure within the team, this will be considered an “accident” or “Act of God” as per NorCal’s competition rules. Please see the NorCal Handbook (Section 2.5 ‘Cancellation/Forfeit Policy’) for more details on how to address this situation with your opposition team and NorCal event coordinators.