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    A New Beginning for Capital Valley Soccer with Capital Valley Futbol Club

    Hello Soccer Parents!

    Thank you for another successful season of soccer! We are proud to inform you about some exciting changes coming to our clubs next year. Starting in 2020, five clubs in our area will partner up to create the Capital Valley Futbol Club (CVFC). The clubs that are forming this new partnership include: Capital Valley United, Carmichael Soccer Club, Citrus Heights Soccer Club, La Sierra Soccer Club, and Mission El Camino Soccer Club. This partnership will strengthen the soccer experience for our players and coaches at all levels of play! Here’s what to expect from this new partnership: 

    Things that won’t change: 

    • Teams will be formed the same way. You can stay with the team you are on now. Recreational teams are formed based on location, school, request, etc. 

    • Coaches will be the same

    • Practice and game field locations will all be in the same geographical area

    • Recreational fees will be competitive with what they are now

    • Competitive fees are being reviewed and may change to ensure we can provide first-class programming

    Things that will change: 

    • We will have a new name: Capital Valley Futbol Club

    • Our new logo is shown above

    • New uniforms and club colors: we will move to an awesome new uniform package that you will love!

    • Increased coach education to make our coaches even better

    • Increased opportunities for player development to get the best of each player

    • Improved customer care

    • More opportunities to play throughout the year

    • Better connection between our recreational and competitive programs, giving our players more options to find the best fit for their interest and skill level

    The intent is for the new club to form in January, 2020. Registration for the Fall recreational season will start in the Spring. Tryouts for our competitive teams will be in May and June. Practices and games for recreational teams will start at the usual time of year.  

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    CVFC Mission and Vision

    Mission (the core of what we offer and who we serve):

    We serve all youth in our community by providing the best possible soccer experience with diverse opportunities that give all our children a chance to play and grow from where they are to where they want to be.

    Vision (aspirational: what we want to be in the future): 

    To be the premier soccer organization in our community where all youth can find a place to play: from entry level to the most advanced levels of play. To have players and their families enjoy a safe, fun and affordable experience while falling in love with the game!

    What are our values? 

    • Putting fun first- inspiring a passion for the game guarantees players will want more
    • Making coach education our highest priority investment- better coaches=more fun= better players

    • Providing options and pathways (levels, timing, type of Soccer) for every player, coach, and referee

    • Low cost- everyone can play- find sponsors to help bring down cost/offer financial assistance to families in need

    • Organized administration of our soccer program to ensure easy and efficient participation

    • Being an engaged and proud member of our community

    • Excellence in communications

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